Director’s Editorial


Praise to Allah and may peace and blessing be upon Almustafa and on Allah’s slaves that he has chosen. It is our pleasure and honor to have you on the webpage of Directorate of Cultural Relations and Media (DCRM) at University of Bahri. The university that became a distinguished competitor of other Sudanese universities within a short time, and became a destination and source of attraction to thousands of male and female students at all tertiary education levels (undergraduate, Masters, PhD). The university of Bahri with its excellent departments and teaching staff formed a real addition to higher education institutions in Sudan, and presented, through its career a remarkable model that gives hope, and a complete story of success illustrated in the frame of cohesion of the secretary, dedication and group work which enforces its progress and flourish. This way, it became one of the pioneer universities for it has developed tremendously and gained a distinguished status among higher education institutions.

The DCRM was established in 2011, directly after the launching of university of Bahri to form the front that reflect the positive image of the university, and also to document the links with academic, research and community institutions and organizations nationally, regionally, and internationally, reaching the establishment of constructive cooperation that supports the university in its different programs and fields. In order to do this, the university deploys all available methods, means and techniques of communications to achieve this sort of cooperation, and highlight the university’s bright image and its growing role as well as introducing its different activities in coordination with centers, departments and colleges within the university. The directorate is also working on spreading the university’s ideologies, expectations, opinions and plans in addition to editing news and publishing it and monitoring the production of documentaries that belong to the university The DCRM manages to be a pioneer and creative in the field of cultural relations and media in tertiary education, which realizes the vision of the university starting from its mission and future expectations, and which also realizes the mission of the administration represented in expanding the university’s relations vessels at the internal and the external levels in the academic, research and community service fields, enforcing its status, showing a prestigious image to the national, regional and international communities.

This is done through its adopted values illustrated in commitment to honesty, transparency, subjectivity, and neutralism in everything it offers of activities and programs. Also, to achieve quality in professional performance and to contribute to spread positive values and genuine principles in our rooter heritage and unique culture. The DCRM has gained a growing attention from the top management of the university in the belief that the effectiveness of knowledge and scientific research represents a cornerstone to meet the highest desires of tertiary education. Finally, we urge our children of male and female students to continue on the road of distinction and giving to reach a bright future and a better tomorrow for our beloved country, where the target is enforcing unity culture, for the University of Bahri is for the Sudan.

At last, we hope that we meet your needs and expectations on our webpage. We are pleased to welcome your inquiries and notices which will be regarded seriously. Moreover, we will strive to achieve the best that meets your ambitions and leads to promote our distinctive university Bahri. Because one of our tasks is documentation, it is of our job to thank people as a way of thanking Allah. Our great thanks and gratitude go to the captain of our ship, Prof. Ayoob A. M. Khalil, the chancellor and establisher of the university, and to his assistants in all fields: Dr. Abdul’ilah Kunnah Mahjoub, the vice-chancellor, Mr. Hassan A. Mohammed, deputy chancellor and all the deans of colleges, centers, deanships, and departments of the university. We do not forget to thank the ex-directors of the DCRM and their crews that started its history and spread its wings that led the directorate to where it is now as a result of our dependency on their efforts, hard work, merit and patience. May Allah guide us all to what is good for us. Finally, we thank you all gratefully.

Dr. Ismail Siddig Othman

Director / DCRM

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