The College was established in 1977 as the prime college in the newly established University of Juba.  The main motive behind the establishment of the College at that time was the general belief that the best way to develop Southern Sudan is through the rational exploitation of its vast natural resources.  The general objective of the College at that time was to prepare and enable the student to understand the general methodology of natural, applied and environmental sciences and to conceive development regularities of the whole scientific environment.

The College offers a five-year program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree (Honors) in Natural Resources and Environmental studies with selected specializations.  Historically the College has started in 1977 with five specializations that include Agricultural Science, Animal Science, Fisheries, Forestry and wildlife.  Two additional specializations were added to the College, namely Geology and mining in 1983 and Environmental Studies in 1994.  In the Year 2011 the College was reallocated in the University of Bahri following the cession of the South Sudan from the North to form an independent Country.  Consequently, three of its specializations; Agricultural Science, Animal Science and Geology and mining were upgraded to independent colleges.