Executive Secretary

Executive Secretariat Department:


A pioneering, successful and distinguished department in the sector of Executive Secretariat and its specializations on local, regional and international levels.


The program undertakes to graduate qualified students in the sector of executive secretariat office systems management to help in administrative development and improvement in all kinds of organizations.


  1. Providing students with the theories and basics of modern executive secretariat office systems.
  2. Graduating excellent and qualified cadres both academically and scientifically in the sector of executive secretariat.
  3. Preparing the outcomes of the program as to provide them with theoretical knowledge and practical and behavioral skills for electronic office management.
  4. Sponsoring the academically outstanding students and helping them do their higher studies in their minor specializations.
  5. Developing and improving scientific research in the department and providing academic programs that cover all the levels of undergraduate and graduate studies.
  6. Developing and improving the relations of the department of the similar departments in Sudanese and Arab universities.
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