10/07/2020 Dear Visitor, Welcome to the College of Management Sciences 178-01558888486 ms@bahri.edu.sd


A Leading and excellent department in the field of cost and administrative accounting locally, regionally and internationally.


Graduating scientifically qualified cadres that will satisfy the needs of the labor market and serve the community through study programs which matches with the standards of quality and academic recognition.


  • Providing the students with the basic knowledge and skills in the field of their specialization to enable them take decisions and resolve their problems after graduation:
  • Developing the skills of creativity of the students using modern techniques and scientific thought.
  • Holding forums and participating in conferences as well as preparing research studies that will contribute in serving the community.
  • Developing the interests, tendencies and inculcating good values of virtue in the student.
  • Preparing the students for professional studies.
  • Preparing qualified graduates to perform various tasks in the field of the specialization in both private and public sector.
  • Qualifying professional graduates in the field of cost and administrative accounting which will enable them attain higher degrees in the specialization.

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