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Business Administration is one of the courses that is accorded big attention in the business environment today. This is due to high competition and scarcity of resources and the rapid changes which altogether requires a good and quantifiable administration; so as to follow events and changes which takes place around the organization.  Business administration therefore gives an organization the ability of expanding and organizing work as well as promoting the organization to realize success and better results.

Business administration and its concepts have advanced throughout different periods of time; and it now represents a stock of knowledge in which the administration of business organization benefits in rational leadership and perfect planning, hence guarantee sustainability and success.

The Department of business administration is one of the leading departments at the College of Management Sciences and was established in the year 2011, founded in the School of Management Sciences at University of Juba. The department offers both general and honors degree via the four years system and five years system, respectively. There is also a three years technical diploma program offered in cooperation with the Center for Human Resources Development and Continual Studies, as well as Post Graduate studies ie:Higher diploma, Masters and PhD all in cooperation with the College of Graduate studies and the Center for Distance Education.


It is an outstanding and excellent department in the field of business administration and its specializations at the local, regional and international levels.


The department presents various outstanding high quality programs in the field of Business Administration capable of training and graduating qualified cadres that will contribute in Planning management and development of human resources locally, regionally and internationally.


  • Graduating qualified cadres in the field of business administration that are capable of competing locally, regionally and internationally.
  • Providing consultancy and specialized studies in business administration to the public and private institutions.
  • Preparing professional scholars and academicians and training them to meet the needs of the society.



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