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A pioneer department in the field of banking and financial studies as well as scientific research, and to serve the community with the appropriate needs and requirements of the labor market.


The department seeks to avail a high quality scientific and professional environment, by recruiting competent cadres in the field of banking and finance so as to qualify highly specialized graduates and excellent professionals.


  • Providing the students with the concepts, principles and the up to date theories in the field of banking and financial studies.
  • Providing students with the necessary knowledge that will assist them to link the concept and theories to actual work in the field of banking through training s and case study.
  • Providing students with skills in reading and analyzing data and financial statements to figure out financial problems.
  • Enabling students to take financial decisions which will lead to maximizing values to the organization.
  • Enriching knowledge and contribution in the scientific progress in the field of banking and finance through conducting financial research as well as catching up with the advancement of the science in banking and financial studies.
  • Holding forums, study sessions and conferences in the field of the specialization for discussing contemporary issues or problems of the scientific reality.
  • Qualifying a generation of graduates with the ability of planning and predicting the future financial needs.



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