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Department Of Accounting and Finance


A leading department in the field of accounting and finance aiming towards better educational outputs within a single professional alignment, in a healthy environment whose accolade goes beyond known geographical boundaries.


Providing the Sudanese business environment with skills and competency in the specializations of accounting and auditing in a manner that satisfies the needs of the Sudanese community and boost economic development in Sudan.


  1. To prepare qualified cadres that are academically and professionally furnished with the skills and knowledge in the field of accountancy that will contribute in developing the community.
  2. To satisfy the needs of the labor market for academically qualified cadres in the field of accounting and finance.
  3. To develop study plans both academically and professionally by encouraging scientific research in the field of accounting and finance.
  4. Promote and develop the qualified the professional accounting cadres which are capable of upgrading the financial and accounting performance at the institutions in both the public and private sectors at the local , regional and international levels.



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