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[:en]College of management sciences. Introduction. The college of management sciences the former juba university established after the segregation of south _Sudan in 2011.The college had the following  department before the segregation:1_ Business management.

2_ Finance & Accounting.

3_ Public administration.

The former school of management has been developed into a college of management sciences  & a new department has been established  to cope with latest educational development. Five  New department were established  that are:-

1_ cost & management accounting.

2_Bank & financial studies.


4_ Management of human resources.

5_Secetariat  studies.

The need for expansion  & development  is due to the following purposes & ends:_

  1. Provision of skillful human resources for the labour market able to develop  the financial & the administrative  in the public & the private institutions.
  2. To cope with development & modernization in the field’s of management sciences on the international & the regional levels.
  3. to extend students admissions.
  4. The ability to compete in the international &the regional levels.The college offers the bachelor of honour. Diploma in the higher studies Master &PhD degrees in the above mentioned programmes & courses according to the college procedures & standards that matches the development of management sciences sciences.
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