Quality and Development Unit


  1. Spreading and consolidating the culture of planning, quality, evaluation, and performance development by all available means and for all staff of the Deanship.
  2. Supervising and contributing to the development of strategic, executive and operational plans and following up on their implementation.
  3. Implementation the quality system in the Deanship.
  4. Assistance in establishing effective databases and information systems.
  5. Assistance in design and development of specifications and procedures.
  6. Applying self-assessment procedures.
  7. Providing decision makers in the Deanship council with information and consultations.
  8. Assist in the design, implementation and evaluation of development program.
  9. Study the difficulties and problems face quality and development and suggest solutions.
  10. Nomination of the Deanship’s staff for training courses.
  11. Suggest bounces and incentives for the Unit and submit them to the Dean.