Dr. Abd Al Azeez M. Musa, Dean of Libraries College at University of Bahri, confirmed that the central library exhibition which was opened under the auspices of Prof. Talaat Dafaalah, the university’s Vice-Chancellor, which aims to explore the books which had been provided to the library by the university’s administration in the last period as well as introducing the books that had been provided to the library during 2021 to both professors and students which were a group of titles including all the university’s specializations and colleges valued at four milliard Sudanese pounds, in addition to some books that were delivered as presents from some prestigious personalities among which is Prof. Habeeb Al Sarraj, Allah mercy be upon him and the books that were delivered individually.

Musa indicated that the libraries’ administration will work hard in the coming days to obtain the colleges’ need of the additional books and references so that it will be able to participate in Khartoum International Book Exhibition which will be held in October of this year.