Libraries Regulations

Chapter one


Regulations are essential part of the internal law of libraries as an effective tool for preparing suitable environment for reading. It also explains the relationship between the library and the users.

  1. The name of the regulation and its commencement:

This regulation called the regulation of University of Bahri Libraries, and it will be enforced from the date of signing by the director of the university.

Chapter Two

2. Explanation:

In this regulation, unless the context has another meaning, these words have the following meanings:

  • The regulation: it means the regulation of Bahri University libraries.
  • The University: means University of Bahri.
  • Central Library: means the Central Library of Bahri University.
  • Libraries: means the branch libraries of Bahri University.
  • Electronic Libraries: the electronic library of Bahri University.
  • Library Services: mean the services provided by the libraries.
  • Professor: Means University appointed professor.
  • Collaborating Professor: professor from outside the university.
  • Post-Graduate Student: the student registered in post graduate studies in Bahri University or other university.
  • Student: the registered student n Bahri University.
  • External Student: the student from other universities.
  • Library Card: the card issued by the library.
  • College Card: the card issued by the college for both student or professor.
  • External Student Card: the card issued by the libraries deanship for the students from outside the university.
  • External Lending: lending of books to be used outside the library.
  • Internal Lending: lending of reserved book to be used in the library.

 Chapter Three

3. Opening hours:

All libraries will be opened all the week except in the official holidays, and the opening hours will be as follows:

3.1. From 8:00 am to 2:30 pm.

3.2. From 9:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturday.

3.3. Increasing the opening hours of the library on the evening of examination days, according to the special situation of each college. This will be determined by the Dean of Libraries in consultation with the Dean of concerned college.

3.4. The Dean of the college shall bear the cost of excess hours of the official working hours.

 Chapter four

4. Library membership:

4.1. Library membership will be given to the professors and the registered students.

4.2. Library membership is also available for the students from outside the university according to certain rules.

Chapter Five

5. Card Issuing Rules:

5.1. New Card:

5.1. In case of issuing a new card, the following should be Tken in consideration:

5.1.1. Present a valid college card.

5.1.2. Bring two passport size photos.

5.1.3. Pay the card issuance fees determined by the library administration.

5.2. Card renewal:

5.2.1. The card should be renewed annually with 50% of issuance fees.

5.3. Missing card.

5.3.1. In case of card lost the librarian should be notified.

5.3.2. To replace the lost card a missing certificate should be issued from the student college and double fees should be paid.

Chapter Six

6. Library Services:

    • Lending:
      • Lending should be limited to the professors and the university staff.
      • The professor, the collaborating professor and the technician have the right to borrow maximum two book for two weeks.
      • The university staff has the right to borrow one book for one week.
    • Lending rules:
      • Borrowing must be with the library card.
      • External lending should in the morning shift only.
      • Reference books such as; (encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, maps, rare books collections and most used books) should not be borrowed.
      • It is not allowed to borrow a new book unless the borrowed books are returned.
      • It is not allowed to renew the b0rrowing of a book if it required by another user.
      • If the user wishes to renew the borrowing, he should notify the librarian and the borrowing should be for one time.
      • It is not allowed to photocopy the damaged books.
    • Photocopying:
      • Photocopying services is provided from 9:00 to 12:00 am.
      • There is a fees for the photocopying service determined by the library administration.

6.4. Photocopying Rules:

6.4.1. Researches and dissertation photocopying is not allowed.

6.4.2. Photocopying service is allowed for all users.

6.5. Electronic Library Service:

6.5.1. The electronic library service is limited to the professors, post-graduate students, university staff and fifth year students,

6.5.2. The electronic library is only for research and scientific purposes.

6.5.3. It is allowed to search on the Internet according to the rules.

6.5.4. It is not allowed t use the internet for social media sites or any         other purposes other than the scientific purposes.

6.5.5. It is not allowed to use CDs or flash memory except under the supervision of the responsible technician.

6.5.6. In case of encounter any problem; the technician instructions should be followed.

6.5.7. Only three hours is allowed for professors.

6.5.8. Two hours for post-graduate students and the University staff.

6.5.9. one hour for the fifth grade students.

6.5.10. The responsible person has the right to reduce the hours in case the library is overcrowded.

6.5.11. University of Bahri Colleges Administration is allowed to use the library and conference halls or training courses after paying fees identified by the library administration.

Chapter Seven

7. Controls of Library Collections :

    • Library Holdings:
      • It is not permissible to include among the books and information medias contained in the library what is inconsistent with the scientific facts, or thee religious, political, social or historical values of the community, or what is not compatible with the scientific and cultural level of students and researchers.
      • The library should not contain books and information Medias that have defects in quality, colors or other technical or physical defects.
      • The library’s collection should not contain computer-printed books or memo sheets unless they are issued by the publisher and meet the applicable procedures.
      • The library should acquire one copy from each book. More than one copy also, can be purchased, if necessary, but the number of copies should not exceed five copies.
      • The Dean of libraries, upon the recommendation of the Dean of the college, may purchase a maximum of ten copies of books that are written by the university staff.
      • The library accepts gifts and donations of books and periodicals as well as money.
      • The library material should not be donated or exchanged except after a recommendation from the Dean of libraries and approval of the University Director.
    • Binding:
      • Allocation of a percentage of the library’s annual budget for binding.
      • The intellectual property rights should be respected.
    • Inventories:
      • Inventory of the central library’s holdings should be done every three years and branch libraries every two years, or whenever is necessary, and the inventory should be carried out by a committee during the holiday.
      • Lists and minutes of inventory should be written by the committee to explain the lost and damaged materials and other notes.
      • The committee submit its recommendations with lists of inventory to the Dean of libraries.
      • The originals of the lists and minutes of the inventory should be kept and copies of them should be sent to the University Director.

Chapter Eight

8. Clearance:

    • The university professors and staff will have clearance after they obtain clearance the libraries of their colleges and the central library.
    • After the end of the study period, the student is given a clearance certificate from the library of his college and the central library.

Chapter Nine

9. Patents:

    • A patent certificate given to student after registering for a master or doctorate degree by research from post-graduate college according to the approved and registered research lists.
    • After the discussion of thesis, the student must submit a copy with CD to college library and other copy with CD to central library.

Chapter Ten

10. Rules of Using Library:

    • It is not allowed for users to use the library unless they have membership card.
    • Adhere to the directions of librarian.
    • Library users are obligated to put their bags and other belongings in the designated place.
    • Valuable things should not be left in bags, and the library administration is responsible of losing them.
    • Displaying books from outside the library to the librarian while entering and leaving the library.
    • Its forbidden to enter the library with any materials that cause losses to the library materials.
    • Calm and non-disturbance must be observed inside the library and around.
    • The cell phone should be in the silent mode.
    • It is not allowed to operate the air conditioners, fans or computers without permission from the librarian.
    • It is not allowed to move any of library furniture.
    • It is not allowed writing on books and reading tables, or tearing pages from books or periodical or damage any of the library property.
    • It is not allowed to reserve places in the library by putting things on it.
    • Eating, drinking and smoking is not allowed inside the library.
    • It is forbidden to sleep or sit in appropriately in the library.
    • Leave books on the table after finishing them.
    • It is not allowed to put posters on the walls of the library.
    • The library must be kept clean.
    • Students from outside the university are not allowed to enter the library during the examination period.

Chapter Eleven

11. Penalties and Fines:

    • Penalties:
      • Anyone who steals, tears, or damages library properties is prohibited from entering the library for the duration of the study.
      • Anyone who is late from photo for the first fixed time will be warned, and those who are lat for the second fixed time will be prevented from photos.
      • Anyone who loses the bag’s shelf label will be warned for the first time, and will prevent to put his/her bag three days in the second time.
      • An one violates these regulations will be subject to a penalty which ranges from warning, temporary suspension or final suspension, according to the case, and the matte will be submitted to the Dean of libraries and the Dean of student affairs.
    • Fines:
      • The user will pay a fine, which will be determined at the beginning of each new academic year for each day of delay in delivering the book.
      • When a book is lost or damaged, the user must purchase the same book or pay the value of the book twice At the current price.