College Team Wins the Championship of University Cup

The College of Law is proud of the victory of its team which won the championship of the “Mondial Bahri University”, the match was between the College team and that of the College of Education (B). The match was played behind the buildings east of the College of Law (Eastern Stadium).

The match was attended by all the college staff, on top of which was the Dean, Dr. Fadel Yousef Idris and the Registrar, Ms. Medina El Nour; whose presence helped raised the morale of the players enhancing their mettle ultimately crowning to victory. It was an exciting match that drew the attention of the public and ended with three goals to zero.

This victory is attributed to the early preparation of the team, of course after the support of Allah Subhanahu wa Taala; as well as the successful training plans under the supervision of Captain Rami Mustafa Othman. It is worth noting that the College has not won the championship since 1976.

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