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Master Degree in Public Health

Public Health Program:

1.     Introduction:

MPH program is designed to prepare individuals for broad classes of actions that make them productive in local, state, national and international service epidemiology positions or in academia or in core area of public health.

2.     Vision:

We are seeking to be the premier academic institution that disseminates knowledge and high quality of research activity to develop effective solutions to current and future public health problems in Sudan and worldwide.

3.     Mission:

Advocating for the very best conditions for good health through preparing a diverse practitioners and scientists .This will be achieved by bringing various disciplines together to educate individuals (undergraduates +students from neighbor developing countries).

4.    Value of MPH:

The Master of the Public Health has a responsibility to use knowledge and skills and high ethical standards to prepare students to serve as ethically, culturally, and scientifically competent Public Health practitioners and academicians.

5.     Objective:

o   To provide well-trained health professionals to demonstrate competency in core areas of public health.

o   To create chances for the students to participate in Faculty research.

o   To promote excellence in teaching this helps in preparing the next generation of the epidemiologist.

o   To provide service to the state and region in efforts to study, prevent, and control disease and injury

6.     Intended Learning Outcome:

At the end of the program, the candidate will be able to:

·        Inform people about health issues

·        Demonstrate knowledge in all public health fields.

·        Diagnose and monitor health problems and health hazards in the community

7.     Available Resources:

a.     Human

3 Associated prof

6 Assistant Prof

b.     Labs

3 Lab (Microbiology +Biochemistry +Parasitology)

c.      Library

d.     Classes + Screens + Data show

8.     Academic System:

1.     Name of program: Master degree on public health specialization

2.     Qualifying year 18 hours (not included in credit hours of M.Sc.)

3.     M.Sc. By courses:

–         Four semesters (17 weeks each including examination and reading week)

–         Two semester courses each semester 17 weeks, with 18 credit hours each semester

–         Two semesters for dissertation.

4.      By research: At least 18 months

M.Sc.   42 hours, four semesters

8. Teaching & Learning Strategy:


This will be experienced through:

Theoretical classes, practices, tutorials, seminars, assignments, group discussions, personal communication.

9. Students Evaluation

The performance of the student will be evaluated through:

a)        Continuous assessments through assignments, reports, seminars and quizzes,

b)       Theoretical, practical and oral examinations

c)        External examiners

1.     Theory                                   60%

2.     Assignment and report           10%

3.     Seminars and participation     10%

4.     Med-term exam                       10%

5. Laboratory / field visits.         10%


Program Study Credit hours:

Requirements Number of Courses Number of hours
Program Requirements 5 22
Specialization Requirements 8 24
Totals 13 46


Program Courses Requirements:

Course Code Course Name Credit hours Prerequisites
PHCR8101 Biostatistics 3 None
PHCR8102 Health Economic 3 None
PHCR8201 Research Methodology 3 Biostatistics
PHCR8202 Health care system in Sudan 3 None
PHCR 8301 Dissertation 10 Research Methodology
Total hours 22


Specialization Courses Requirements:

Course Code Course Name Credit hours Prerequisites
PHPH8101 Fundamentals of epidemiology 3 None
PHPH8102 Principles of molecular biology 3 None
PHPH8103 Principles of immunology 3 Biochemistry background
PHPH8204 Global health 3 1.      Health economics

2.      Principles of epidemiology

PHPH8205 Integrated vector management 3 1. Medical entomology

2. Vector control

PHPH8206 Molecular epidemiology of infectious disease 3 1.      Principles of molecular biology

2.      Fundamentals of epidemiology

3.      Communicable diseases

PHPH8207 Advanced epidemiology 3 Fundamentals of epidemiology
PHPH8108 Public health informatics 3 None
Total hours 24






Total hours Contact hours Code


Practical Theory
None 3 4 2 2 PHCR8101 Biostatistics 1-
None 3 4 2 2 PHCR8102 Health Economic 2-
None 3 4 2 2 PHPH8101 Fundamentals of epidemiology 3-
3 4 2 2 PHPH8102 Principles of immunology 4
3 4 2 2 PHPH8103 Public health informatics 5
None 3 4 2 2 PHPH8104 Principles of molecular biology 6
18 Total hours

study plan