Freezing regulations:-

  1. Freezing is valid within three weeks after the completion of registration procedures.
  2. The secretariat of academic affairs may freeze the academic year after the freezing deadline in the exceptional cases.
  3. The maximum period of freezing should be two years of the entire academic years.
  4. Freshmen are not allowed to freeze their study except in emergency cases or force majeure to be recommended by the college’s board and to be agreed upon by the secretariat of academic affairs.

Study Freezing procedures:-

  1. Students who wish to freeze their study should fill the form after fees payment and submit the documents to the college’s administration
  2. The board of college clearly outlines its recommendation and the duration of freezing.
  3. If the student freezes his/her study within the deadline, the respective college’s board recommendation shall be irrefutable, and the secretariat of academic affairs shall be notified.
  4. If the college’s board recommends freezing validation after the deadline, the application form shall be forwarded to the secretariat of academic affairs to make the final decision.
  5. The student is not allowed to drop unless being received a written consent of freezing notification issued by the secretariat of academic affairs.
  6. The college’s administration shall notify the secretariat of academic affairs of the deadline, and provide a feedback on his registration.
  7. The student shall immediately proceed registration process, and pay off his/her full registration fees; in addition to the previous unpaid fees before freezing.
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