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Department of Health Education



Short name:-

                 Health Education.


Health education and health promotion program is the main program of the Department of Health Education. This program provides a foundation in public health and introduces the participants to the main methods and strategies to attain health for all and primary health care at all levels. This program also provides applicable methods oh ho to promote health and develop communities in the rare and absent of resources. Health promotion and care system in the community and its environment are examined to determine how they impact.


                 Healthy people living in healthy community and healthy environment.


                 We bring about sustainable, positive changes in health by providing an outstanding program of research, teaching and community services totranslate research into effective parches and sound polices.


Health education has a responsibility to use knowledge and skills and high ethical standards to prepare students to serve as ethically, culturally, and scientifically competent Health education practitioners and academicians.

  • To educate students in public health competences with an accredited curriculum.
  • To provide student, with community oriented, education and practices opportunities.
  • To generate public health knowledge emphasizing urban, community engaged and translated research.
  • To assess the health status at the national, state, county, and community levels using appropriate health indicators and data sources.
  • To analyze problems and current issues related to health and health care in the community and rural areas and derive potential solutions.
  • To participate in public health advocacy, policy and practice at local, national and international level.
No. of  Years:-

               5 years.

No. of Credit Hours:-

             171 Credit Hours.

No of Academic Staff:-

               4 lecturers.