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Department of Food Hygiene & Safety


                 Food Hygiene and Safety.




                 The department aspires to be one of the pioneers’ and excellence in the different aspects of food hygiene and safety

at national and international level.


  • To qualify practitioners in the field of Food Hygiene & Safety to serve the community and to enrich the research in order to

          provide a high quality environmental health services, health education and hygiene promotion activities, communicable

         disease prevention, and food hygiene and safety.

  • To graduate excellent researchers dealing with food hygiene & safety problems nationally, regionally, and internationally.


  • To provide academic training and scientific knowledge in Food Safety, Hygiene and Management.
  • To qualify the students to understand the relationship between food and public health by focusing on the factors that influence food safety and quality.
  • To enable students to participate in epidemiological and toxicological studies concerning environment and food hazardous
  • To implement inspection procedures to assess the adequacy of control measures used in the community, food services establishment and food industry.
  • To identify national and international legislation and standards.
  • To identify contaminants associated with food and assess their effect on health
  • To enable students to organize implement and evaluate scientific researches in community.

No. of Years:-

           4th years.

           1st year Honor Degree.

No. of Credit Hours:-

           171 Credit Hours.

No of Academic Staff:-

          2 Associate Professor.

          2 Assistant Professor.

          3 Lecturer.

           Total 7.