Vision & Mission


A distinguished College in Graduate Studies in accordance with quality standards locally, regionally and internationally.


To prepare, train and develop cadre to assume their role in the activities of the University and the community, coping with most up-to-date facilities, improving out-put quality and with strong commitment to preserve environment



In pursuance of this mission  the post graduate programs aim at fostering, through instruction, a deeper understanding of elementary and advanced concepts and ability; to apply fundamental ideas and analytical minds to new problems with high credibility and  transparency, focused on equipping student with the skills and knowledge required to respond to the challenges ahead of us.


  1. Enriching scientific research and extending the frontiers of knowledge in all its branches.
  2. Qualifying specialized scientific and professional cadres in various disciplines
  3. Keeping up to date with speedy revolution in, science,  technology and knowledge
  4. Promoting scientific research and directing it forwards the social, economic and cultural prospects of the society.
  5. Encourage exchange of cultural and academic activities in the field of high studies with related organizations locally and internationally.