After acceptance of application by the college the applicant will be informed by telephone and then registration procedure will begin as follows:

  1. Regular students studying Master or Doctorate degrees by research will be registered after paying the tuition fees (or the first installment) in addition to the registration fees. Student will then be provided with a registration letter, letter for the Deanship of Students for issuing of student’s card and a letter for his supervisor.
  2. When the registration procedure is completed, one of the student’s file will be sent to the concerned college and the other will be kept for records and information is saved by the computer department.
  3. Regular students studying degrees by courses will be approved by the dean and registrar of Graduate College and one file will be kept for records and the other will be sent to the concerned college in order to complete their registration there.
  4. The follow up of students studying for degrees by research will be done through annual reports provided by supervisor.
  5. When the student completed his research in the specified period and paid tuition free in full, examination committee will be formed, examination forms will be prepared and a date for his examination will be fixed.
  6. When examination reports and the thesis are received, reports will be sent to the concerned college for approval by its research council.
  7. When the result of the student it approved by the concerned college, this result will be presented to the Graduate College board for approval before final approval by the University Senate .

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