• Department of Student Activities:

This department concerns with extra-curricular activities, which are the non-academic activities that intended to give prominence to his/her human personality in a balanced and independent manner. The main task of the department is built around the drawing up of an annual program and plans for all sports and cultural activities that intended to enhance students` sense of affiliation to the University and the country, in addition to the development of the students` sense of responsibility.   It has two units:

  1. Sport Activities
  2. Cultural and Literary Activities


  • Department of Students Services

The main activities of the Department include:

  1. Delivery of necessary services by sponsoring students and provide them with financial aid in collaboration with Students` Support Fund.
  2. Providing consultations necessary for students with regard to their University –related academic and psychological problems, in addition to making them aware of the problems of their surrounding community.
  3. Making students aware of their university rights and how to realize them through legitimate formal channel within the university campus.

The Department include three units:

  • Social Welfare Unit
  • Awareness promotion and Guidance (psychological counselling) Unit.
  • Information and Public Relations Unit


  • Department of Statistics and Information

The main activities of the Department include:

  1. Compilation of annual statistics of students according to college, semester and gender.
  2. Conducting studies and researches necessary for building and upgrading a base of data and information pertaining to the function of Students` Deanship.
  3. Proposing procedures necessary for promoting work pertaining to analysis of students` database.


  • Department of Students ID card and sSupervision:

The Department concerns with supervising, planning, executing and follow-up of all students activities and services.