1. To provide access to quality tertiary higher education to all beyond geographical socio-economic and or technological barriers
  2. To promote and sustain a committed, innovative and effective CDE with an aspiration of being one of the leading distance learning institution nationally, regionally and internationally; and
  3. To collaborate with similar institutions at national, regional, and international levels in order to produce skillful and productive manpower while participating in producing theoretically informed and high utility global knowledge


  1. To cumulatively increase opportunities and access to higher education through DE by reaching large numbers of students and professionals in multiple sites simultaneously across Sudan and beyond
  2. To constantly review the existing academic programs while offering new and attractive programs that respond to the actual needs of the Sudanese people, and to the demands of the market labor
  3. To progressively transform the existing academic programs and the related administrative functions to be more effective and efficient by accelerating a technologically-driven process of automation and digitization in preparing, producing, and delivering the intended education packages
  4. To develop the necessary basic hardware and software infrastructure that will meet the demand of the expanding number of students at different types of the CDE programs; and
  5. To benefit from the positive experiences of other similar institutions, through partnership and exchange, for the sake of promoting the CDE programs in short, medium and long terms.