Both members of the teaching staff at the Animal Production Faculty at the university, Dr. Abubakr O. Ismaeel and Dr. Nada Eltayeb, have participated in the members’ periodical meeting of the ILRI which was held via the video conference technology at the institute’s headquarters in Kenya.

Dr. Abubakr explained that the aim of the institue’s annual meeting which is held in March is represented in assessing the performance of the different scientific researches in the fields of livestock, animal sanitation and gene assessment in the agricultural field with its both agricultural and livestock streams, in addition to the medium technology and transferring technology to minor producers in the agricultural production and capacity building fields in the African Horn.

Dr. Abubakr stressed that the meeting was run through the participation of a number of different universities and research centres, under the supervision of knowledgeable scholars who have students at Masters, PhD and followship levels.