The administration of University of Bahri has honoured Prof. Abd Alraheem Mohammed Khabir, professor of archaeology at the Humanities Faculty, by the event of winning the Scientific Merit Award as the best Arabic Archaeologist for 2020, which is considered as a gain for Sudanese archaeologists, and archaeology lecturers and students in Sudan.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Babikir M. Mahjoub, when addressing the recognition festival witnessed by a number of Khabir’s family members, confirmed that the award is a pride for the university. He also said that Khabir is one of the respectful scholars who won this high award. He then expressed his wishes that Khabir would contribute his thoughts and experiences in developing the field of archaeology and ancient civilizations that are yet to be discovered in Sudan.

In the same context, Prof. Hamza Alsir, the representative of Faculty of Humanities, described Khabir as a modest scholar, and assured that he had worked on establishing the archaeology department at the faculty before he was appointed as a dean, indicating that Khabir gained his knowledge from its main sources at University of Khartoum and benefitted from his expertise and tours in his scientific written works.

On the other hand, Prof. Khabir thanked the University for the Recognition Festival and explained that the award is considered as crowning for his journey which is almost four decades in the field of archaeology, field work and surveys. Moreover, he promised to exert more effort to enforce scientific work at the university and to enrich human knowledge.

It is worth mentioning that the Sudanese Embassy in Cairo has received Prof. Khabir’s award and send it to the university’s headquarter in Khartoum North.