Signing a Memorandum between University of Bahri and a German Institution

The Peace and Development Centre at University of Bahri has signed a memorandum with the institution of “Friedrich Ebert Stiftung” at Khartoum office that relates to the execution of the Democratic Culture Empowerment Programme for students aiming at training about 120 male and female students among 600 chosen students from 5 Sudanese universities in order to build their capacity in relevance to knowing the democratic issues, election procedures and raising the students’ awareness through taking part in the political map as most of the students, or the majority, will be among the electors during the elections that will be held after the termination of the transitional period.

Dr. Mutasim I. Malik, director of the Peace Centre at the university, explained that the agreement is based on accomplishing a group of activities that include holding 8 workshops on democracy upbringing, political regimes and elections procedures as well as performing 20 external activities on how to practise the elections procedures and conducting a couple of debates among the students on the democratic contesting. He then added that a conference will be held where a political paper will be discussed then presented to the Ministry of Youth and Sports on the results of the questionnaire which will be distributed to the students in order to know how much they have benefited from the activities accomplished during the project in relevance to the electoral behaviour. Furthermore, he indicated that the conference will be an opportunity to present the project’s outcomes. The project’s duration will be 3 years starting from next June, funded by the EU. Mutasim also indicated that the project will be executed in collaboration with the five universities and in coordination with Friedrich Ebert Institution.