Mathematics Department


Leadership and propagation of knowledge in mathematics, advanced scientific research and community service.


To provide quality education and excellence research in order to prepare competent and professionals graduates   in the field of mathematics.


Provide excellence education with qualification competence to its students to be able to

  1. Preparing qualified graduates in mathematics.
  2. Conducting researches in mathematics and it is applications.
  3. Provide digital, logical and analytical mathematical solutions to education and society
  4. Graduate a professional mathematician to be certified to in local, regional and global institutions

Fields of work for graduates of the Department:

  • Educational institutions .
  • Companies and banks.
  • Industrial, financial and commercial institutions.
  • Metrology Stations.

Department Degrees:-

The department of Mathematics awards:

  • Bachelor’s degree with honors in five years.
  • Masters Degree.
  • Doctoral degree.

Department Contacts:-

Phone Number: +249155888463.

Fax:  +249183486635.