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Calendar of dates for the Academic Year 2016/2017

Saturday 13/08/2016Start of Supplementary and Substitute Examinations
Thursday 25/08/2016End of Supplementary and Substitute Examinations
Saturday 24/09/2016Start of interviews for 1st year students
Saturday 1/10/2016Start of 1st Semester’s Registration
Saturday 8/10/2016Start of 1st Semester’s Lectures
Thursday29/12/2016End of 1st Semester’s Lectures
Reading Week
Saturday 7/01/2017Start of 1st Semester’s Examinations
Thursday 26/01/2017End of 1st Semester’s Examinations
Four Weeks Vacation
Saturday 25/02/2017Start of 2nd Semester’s Registration
Saturday 4/03/2017Start of 2ndSemester’s Lectures
Thursday 26/05/2017End of 2nd Semester’s Lectures
Reading week
Saturday 3/06/2017Start of 2ndSemester’s Examinations
Thursday22/06/2017End of 2nd Semester’s Examinations


  • Supplementary and substitute examinations start 3-6 weeks before the start of the new academic year.