University of Bahri’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Babiker M. Mahjoub, committed to facilitating all obstacles that face Peace and Development Studies Centre at the university in order to enable it to perform its assigned role towards the community in spreading peace culture. He confirmed, when presenting at the symposium on the requirements of methodological and intellectual change to move towards building and making sustainable peace in Sudan, which was organized by Cultural Relations and  Media Directorate, in collaboration with Peace and Development Studies Centre at Alwatanya Hall in the faculties’ complex, Alkadaro, confirmed that peace has a noticeable importance for the people of Sudan, indicating that Sudan has not known peace with its real meaning since the country’s independence.

He then drew attention to the fact that peace requirements are represented in correct management, good governance, transparency, fighting corruption and referring to the law. He pointed out that Sudan is a multi-cultural and multi-religious country which requires freedom of expression and belief when addressing these issues.

On the other hand, the director of Cultural Relations and Media at University of Bahri, Dr. Sa’ad A. Algadir, said that Sudan missed peace during the whole period of the past thirty years because of the previous regime’s mottos that were against humanity, religion and human’s dignity. He asserted that all religions urged for peace and fighting violence. He also added that even poets and writers presented their work creatively on peace and lamenting what is missed due to the war.

In the same context, the director of Peace and Development Centre at University of Bahri, Dr. Afaag Sadig, said that the centre is considered as the first of its kind compared to other Sudanese universities as it was established in 1997. She bragged about the centre’s contribution in developing the 200 days ambulatory programme of the transitional government and Freedom and Change Forces, confirming that the centre is qualified to provide consultations to governmental co operations. Moreover, Dr. Jumah Kundah, a staff of Peace and Development Centre, presented a scientific paper during the symposium titled as “Requirements of Methodological and Intellectual Transition in order to build and make Sustainable Peace in Sudan”.