Prof. Ayoob A. M. Khalil, University of Bahri’s Chancellor, praised the experience of universities’ security police as a supporter of study sustainability at the university. Ayoob said – when hosting Major General Alshazali Mohammed Sa’eed, the commander of universities’ police at his office, in the presence of the vice-chancellor, the deputy chancellor and the university guard commander – that cultural open days and sports competitions that the university used to organize for the students, in addition to the existence of universities’ police, contributed extremely to the sustainability of the terms at the colleges.

On the other hand, Major General Alshazali Mohammed Sa’eed explained that his visit to the university’s administration comes in the frame of his tour about universities to check the experience of police when dealing with its security tasks. Alshazali praised the following up and coordination between the university and the police force. He also confirmed the police’s intention to make the University of Bahri a police center for universities’ security police in the area of Bahri.



Edited by: Mohammed Saif

Photographed by: Izzaldeen Abbas

Translated by: Mohammed Omer

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