Students of Community Studies and Rural Development Faculty at University of Bahri, in collaboration with the students’ affairs deanship, organized a campaign for environmental sanitation under the theme (University Environment is Everybody’s Responsibility) in the presence of Prof. Babiker M. Mahjoub, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Talaat Dafaallah A. Almagid, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, and a number of faculty deans and managers of different departments. This step is within the frame of the university’s effort to create a healthy environmental system for both work and study. On the other hand, Dr. Amani A. Alwahaab Kashif, Dean of Community Studies, confirmed the importance of taking care of the university environment in a satisfactory way with a positive impact on both students and university staff.

Kashif has also pointed out that the campaign achieved a massive success and was accepted warmly by the university’s high management. She then confirmed the continuation of this campaign under the theme (We will Build the Country that We always Dream of) which will cover the university’s surroundings as well as maintaining lecture theatres and the university’s fence. The programme was accompanied by plays that raise students’ awareness on how to preserve the university’s environment.