The research deanship organized the 10th training session on marsbahis scientific paper writing and methods of publication in the deanship’s training hall. The session targeted 28 trainees of the teaching staff and the university’s different departments.

Dr. Abdulrafi’ M. Makhawi, dean of research, confirmed that the session is designed to develop the university professors’ abilities on writing and publishing scientific papers as well as participating in local, regional and international scientific events such as conferences, marsbahis seminars, etc. he then explained that the deanship had offered more than 50 training session to the teaching staff members on different disciplines during a short time.

On the other hand, Dr. Ahmed S. Mustafa, Secretary of Academic Affairs, urged the trainees to benefit from research funding offered by Ministry of Higher Education and affirmed that the University of Bahri gives a particular attention to research, promising them of more programs in the coming period.


Edited by: Rafi’a Fadlallah

Phtographed by: Ahmed Abdulkhair

Translated by: Mohammed Omer