Nursing Sciences College at University of Bahri has participated in peace and love caravan that the Legitimate Sudanese Medical Doctors Syndicate and Libya market (Abu Zaid) resistance committee organized, under the auspices of the Transitional Sovereignty Council member Prof. Siddig Taor. The caravan headed to the town of South Kordufan State, Kadogli, on Thursday 5/12/2019. The caravan was composed of a number of medical doctors, specialists, pharmacists, lab technicians, and medical cadre as well as youth of Libya market, Abu Zaid and Shambat resistance committees. The caravan that lasted for 5 days involved clinics of all specializations in both the public and referral hospital, and distributing medications for free in the referral hospital’s pharmacy. Moreover, the caravan had also considerable amounts of food and clothing which were funded by Libya market “Abu Zaid” resistance committee members.

The faculty staff members held a training day for Kadogli’s referral hospital’s nursing crew that was praised by everyone.

It is worth mentioning that the caravan included the following faculty members: Dr. Fathya Komi Koko, the vice-dean, a number of the faculty’s part-timers and the website’s head technician.