Within the framework of developing the educational vippark and research related process, the university of Bahri and Alsaeed University signed a mutual cooperation agreement that goes in harmony with new learning methodologies and labor market requirements. Prof. Ayoob A. M. Khalil, the chancellor, signed on behalf of university of bahri, while Prof. Adam H. F. Alshamri signed on behalf of the Yemeni side vippark in the presence of Dr. Ismael S. Othman, Director / Cultural Relations and Media, and Mr. Yassir Othman, executive director, chancellor’s office.  The agreement articulated exchanging teaching staff members of counterpart colleges, encouraging organization of symposiums, lectures and conferences of mutual interest, and facilitating graduate students’ registration. Additionally, the agreement included academic supervision exchange among teaching staff of both universities, exchange of students visits, publications, books and research findings.


Edited by: Rafi’a Fadlallah

Phtographed by: Ahmed Abdulkhair

Translated by: Mohammed Omer