Philosophy of Doctorate (PhD)

Study for a doctorate degree shall be through one of the followings:

a. By courses and research with condition that prescribed hours shall not be less than (36) credit hours of courses after master in addition to the research.
b. If a student passes the exams and is allowed to write the research, but fail to provide the research within three years from the date of final exam or five academic years from the date of registration (whichever is in the interest of the student) he may recommended to be awarded Master of philosophy (M. Phil).
c. By research, the student shall present a seminar on his/her at the beginning and before the oral examination.
d. Research language shall be Arabic or English and the college research board, if necessary, may allow the student to use another language.

Prescribed period for the Doctorate Degree shall not be less than six semesters and not exceed ten semesters.