Soil & Water Science


Sudan from countries that feature a number of ecological regions, creating diversity in soil and water resources, which are vital sources of agro – ecological system, urban and natural, especially since the soil is one of the non-renewable resources and must be preserved.
The department is a link between agricultural sciences in scientific research programs, because the soil and water represent the medium in which the plants grow. Consequently the department prepares students to cope with this and the changes that have occurred in the global climate by focusing on the role that soil plays in the face of these variables, and supply the communities with secured food and water in light of the pollution problems facing modern societies.


The department of SWS seeks to achieve the excellence and leadership in soil and water science, through an organized and updated educational program and a conducive scientific research to serve sustainably the local, national and international communities.


Train and graduate a highly professional undergraduate with a self-capability; knowledge and skills on the field of soil and water sciences.


  • To train researchers, academic staff who are specialists in compiling an inventory on evolution of soils under natural and/or human–impacted conditions.
  • To become a scientific based reference on soil and water science in arid and semi-arid zones to serve the community by conducting a continual research and providing available educational materials.
  • To provide a scientific consultation and advises to the stakeholders and those who are interested in the food production and water conservation and use efficiently for the benefit of the Sudan communities and those with the same ago-ecological condition worldwide.
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