Crop Science


Sudan has vast agricultural lands distributed all over the different regions. The majority of the Sudanese people are making livelihood through producing edible and industrial crops. The export of these crops directly support the national revenues and maintain the food security of the country.

In line with the Strategy of Agricultural Revival adopted by the country, the agriculture has gained momentum. However, Crop Science Department is playing a spearhead to realize the role of agriculture in the national economy.


The department inspires to be a leader in agricultural education, locally, regionally and internationally.


The department intends to produce trained and equipped students with professional knowledge, technical and ethics that enable them to serve the community in agriculture.


  • Equip students with concept, principles and technologies to develop field crops for more production and higher productivity.
  • Look after the promising crops of nutritional and industrial importance through applied research.
  • Inform the students about crop potentiality in Sudan and means of better and rational use of the resource to enhance the role of crops in food security and the national economy.
  • Raise the awareness of economical, nutritional, and health importance of crops through the introduction of related subjects, in addition to cooperation with the relevant authorities through seminars, workshops and short courses.
  • Provide students with theoretical knowledge and practical applied skills in farming systems and the production of field crops.
  •  Prepare students for self-employment, extension work and scientific research in the different fields of field crops.




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