The Sudan is predominantly an agricultural country and agriculture is the main stay of its economy. To become a bread basket of Middle East, it must get use from its highly potential resources. The present College of Agriculture is the integration of Upper Nile University, College of Agriculture and Juba University, Department of agricultural sciences. The college of Agriculture, University of Bahri since its founding in 2011 was planning to establish the modern and up to date academic and technical approaches to cater for the present and future needs of the country and its people.

The college would produce cadre of expert’s technical supervisors of all levels from Ph.D., M.Sc., B. Sc., diploma and certificate holders of various specializations as required now and in the future. The college should maintain special relationship with the farming community to diagnose and solving their problems though the applied research and feedback system. The college should not only impart the theoretical education to its students but should establish a problem solving working relationship and involvements with the communities.


1/ To prepare graduates and researchers well equipped with knowledge, skills, who have the ability to keep abreast of development, in the field of agriculture, qualified for job market, able to compete locally and internationally scientific research and community services, link to the needs, of the productive sector and meet the contemporary global trend

2/ To become a scientific reference base to serve the development goals by conducting research and studies that contribute to solve the problems of sustainable development at both   national and international levels, so that its services are available to members of community of producers, planners and decision makers.

3/ to develop own resources through specialized units and seek support of other funding sources.

4/ to refine extension and outreach activities to be most responsive and effective to stakeholders.


Dean  College  D. Zeinab Abdullahi Yussif
Deputy Dean  D. Faiza Mohammed Abdelmagid
Head of Agricultural Economics Department D. Khalid Salih Mohammed Musa
Head of Crop Science Department D. Baha edin Mohammed Idriss
Head of Horticulture Department D. Haithem Elsheigh Mohamed Ahmed
Head of Pests and Plant Health D. Rashida Mohammed Ahmed Abusin
Head of Pests and Plant Health D. Hatim Abdalla Ahmed Sulfab
Registrar    Mr. Ali Elnour Osman Elmahi
Secretary for Academic Affairs D. Elfadil Omar Othman
Coordinator of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies D. Abubakar Haroun Mohamed
Quality Coordinator D. Adil Ali Salih

Board and Committees

College Board:

The College Board consist of the following:

Dean of the college Chairperson
Deputy Dean Member and acting Dean in the absence of the Dean
Representative from other colleges Member
Academic staff  (Professors) Member
Heads of the Departments Member
College registrar Member & Rapporteur


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