The Secretary for Academic Affairs

The Secretary for Academic Affairs is responsible to the ViceChancellor and his deputy for the administration of all academic matters in the university related to students’ admission, curriculum development, examinations, certification, training and Senate affairs.


A pioneer anddistinguished university in education, Scientific research and community service in accordance with quality measures.



Provision of excellent education through improved academic programs, innovated scientific research that is directed towards community and maintain concurrency with the rapid changes of the world of today.

In pursuit of its vision and mission, the University of Bahri is committed to and guided by the following values:

1.      Relevance and the enhancement of the spirit of citizenship

2.      Respect and recognition for diversity

3.      Credibility and transparency

4.      Freedom and responsibility

5.      Commitment to quality measures

6.      Environmental awareness

  1. In addition to its transitional objectives, including the adjustment of the status of Northern Sudanese employees of the former Southern Sudanese universities, and the objectives provided for by the University Act, the University seeks to attain the following objectives:
  2. Enabling students to achieve high quality professional objectives.
  3. Motivating students to adopt and apply their acquired knowledge and skills to their personal and professional life.
  4. Providing opportunities of continuous learning for those serving in labor market, in accordance with objectives of the professional environment for the purpose of developing their proficiency and raising the standard of performance and productivity.
  5. Authenticating science and delivering hereof in Arabic and English, and according attention to languages and translation.
  6. Laying special emphasis on quality and excellence.
  7. Linking the University to scientific institutions and those of culture and legislation in the field of graduates’ employment.
  8. Consolidating educational and cultural cooperation with distinguished universities at the domestic, regional and international levels.

Amendment of a Student’s Name

A student whose name is wrongly cited in the Sudan School Certificate must correct it by referring his /her legal supporting documents to the Directorate-General of Examination.

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Academic Advisor

Throughout the course of study in the University each student shall have an academic advisor. An academic advisor is a staff member nominated by the respective department and endorsed by the college/centre/ board….

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The National Code

The national code designates the number of the admission application form for which a student was nominated to a college in the University of Bahri. Every student shall confirm he/she has a national code to….

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كيف يتم قبولي بالجامعة ؟

قسم القبول والتسجيل يتابع ترشيحات طلاب السنة الأولى مع الإدارة العامة للقبول، وإحضار كشوفاتهم وتوزيعهاعلى الكليات والمراكز والإشراف على معاينات الطلاب، كما يعنى بالتقديم للدبلومات والتجسير والتعليم عن بعد.

ما هي الرسوم المقرره لطلاب الدبلومات لهذا العام ؟

وما هي رسوم معاملات القبول؟

رسوم طلاب الدبلوم ( هندسة – تنمية ريفيه إنتاج حيواني …الخ)


رسوم معاملات (تأجيل الترشيح – الإستقالة – افادة قبول ….الخ)

كيف إستخرج شهادتي الجامعية ؟


شهادات جامعة بحري – جوبا – اعالي النيل – بحر الغزال – الشهادات الكرتونية – شهادة اللغة