Graduation of the First Patch of University of Bahri’s Kindergarten Kids


The sub-commission of University of Bahri workers’ association, in collaboration with faculty of Education, have organized the graduation ceremony of the first patch of the university’s kindergarten kids in the collages’ complex. Mr. Elsheikh Hag Allah, the chairman of the association’s sub-committee has assured that one of the most important issues that the university targets is the improvement of the educational system and promotion of its efficiency. He has also considered the graduating patch to be a starting point to promote services provided by the university to its staff and the surrounding society. Moreover, he valued the great effort made by the administration of the kindergarten to organize the ceremony.

It is worth mentioning that the kindergarten has been established in 2016. Additionally, the ceremony has been interrupted by many accompanying programs presented by the kids and the graduates.


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Cooperation Agreement between University of Bahri and Campus France

The University of Bahri has signed a cooperation agreement with Campus France Organization on scientific, humanitarian and training research under the auspices of Embassy of France in Sudan.


Michelle Roi, the cultural attaché in Sudan, when meeting the university’s vice-chancellor, confirmed that the University has a special consideration. Therefore, the representation will be providing educational scholarships including Master degrees, PhD degrees and postdoctoral studies.





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