Examination Rule

Students should strictly adhere to the following:
1. Students are advised to be inside the examination hall ten minutes before the start of the examinations.
2. No student shall be admitted to the examination hall after 30 minutes from the start of the examination.
3. A student who enters the examination hall late, but within the time indicated under Point 2, should not be allowed extra time.
4. No student shall be allowed to leave the examination hall until half of the time scheduled for the examination has elapsed.
5. A student who leaves the examination hall s during the examination session shall not be readmitted unless, throughout the period of his/her absence, he/she has been continuously under the observation of an invigilator or an authorised person.
6. A student should bring all that might be needed for the particular examination. No lending or borrowing is allowed.
7. No student shall be allowed to possess, receive or use any printed or written documents, illustrations, mobile phones, digital devices or any other unauthorised aids in the examination hall.
8. A student shall stop writing when instructed to do so.
9. A student should not indulge in conversation, or in any mean of communication with other students.
10. A student must not, directly or indirectly, give or receive assistance to or from any other student.
11. A student sitting for examination shall display his/her University identity card during the examination period.
12. A Student should write his/her name and the University identity card number on the answer script and question paper immediately after receiving them.
13. A Student must confirm his/her attendance in the relevant sheet by signing against their names.
14. A student should remain seated until the invigilators collect the examination scripts and sign against his/her name before leaving the examination hall.
15. No student is allowed to smoke, take snuff, eat, drink, chew or request any refreshment other than fresh water provided in the examination hall.
16. A student who leaves the examination hall after handing over his/her answer script should not get involved in any action as to disturb and/or 50 University of Bahri-Student’s Guide, 2017/2018 50 give assistance to students inside the examination hall.
17. A student should comply with all instructions given by the invigilator without questioning or objecting and must maintain a respectful approach towards invigilators.
18. If the Senate is convinced that a student has committed a breach of one or more of these examination instructions, he/she shall be deemed to have committed an offence.