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Tel: +249155888430

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Conceptual Framework


The directorate has aspiration to be a leader, and innovative in the field of cultural relations and information in higher education.


The mission of the administration is to broaden the relations of the university. At the internal and external levels in the academic, research and community services areas. To assure a university position, that reflects its outstanding image nationally, regionally and internationally.

Principles and Values:

The Directorate has committed itself to maintaining honesty, transparency, rationality/logic and neutrality in all its programs.


1. Developing the university relations with sister universities, academic and research institutions, and union of universities be within or outside the Sudan.
2. Advertising for the role of the University and its academic and research in community service.
3. Asserting to build image about the university in the community and counteract any false allegations about it as spokesman.
4. Designing special programs for strengthening the intra- relations of university society (teaching staff, workers and students… etc)
5. Maintaining relationship between the University and its alumni by advertising for them in the labor market, as well as making use of their feed back in programs assessment and support .
6. Connecting the University with different information media (e.g. journals, radio, television…etc). by supplying them with its news, activities and events and conducting periodical press conferences.
7. Publications pamphlets, news, letters to avail information and introduce activities of the university of beneficiaries.
8. Preparing and organizing conferences (symposium) workshops exhibitions and other events take place on campus of the university, and keep in contact with the public/private sectors for official duties.
9. Facilitating procedures of the official delegations.


1. Communicating with academic / scientific, research, cultural and information institutions, nationally, regionally and internationally by reinforcing channels of continuous corporation via, scientific visits, staff expertise and scientific publications…etc. (periodicals) exchange.
2. Reviewing and renewing the former protocols with national, regional and international universities, and to reach new agreements with them.
3. Active participation in unions associations and networks of university and coping with what will satisfy their requirements.
4. Active participation of the university in conferences(symposium), workshops internally or externally (abroad), and conducting similar forums as initiatives in collaboration with colleges and concerned bodies .
5. Organizing gatherings for Diplomatic corps for introducing them with the university and its academic and cultural activities to be a key for initiating mutual relationship with their countries.
6. Coordinating with Ministry of foreign affairs to put the University of Bahri among the foreign delegations visit program (to assign some visits to university. of Bahri).
7. Communicating with media information for emerging the role of the university in academic, research and community service aspects.
8. Preparing and issuing informational materials about the academic, research and community service activities of the university and its affiliates, for instance, pamphlets, prospectus, guides and documentary films…etc.
9. Press coverage of all events in the university.
10. Organizing exchange visits for the university superiors and foreign bodies.
11. Supervising and up grading the web site of the university as a means of communication.
12. Establishing data base for Alumni and conduct periodical meetings with them and their employers
13. Organizing programs, social and cultural activities for the employees of the university and different community sectors.
14. Communicating with the concerned bodies to facilitate the procedures of the official delegations of the university, follow-up their visiting program and render whatever services needed for them.

Departments and Units

Cultural Relations and Information:

University Communication:
Head of Department:
Dr Muzamil Hassan Yusuf

Public Relations:
Head of Department:
Dr. Awadalla Ibrahim Ahmed Irabi

Administrative Department:
Head of Deparment:
Dr. Howida Hasab Elbagi Mohamed Salih

Cultural Relations:

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