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University of Bahri’s Vice-Chancellor Meets the Cooperation Consultant of the French Embassy

Prof. Ayoub Adam Mohammed Khalil, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bahri, met in his office Dr. Jean Noel Baleo, Cultural cooperation and activities’ chancellor, director of the French Centre in Sudan and Michel Roi, cultural attaché of the French Embassy in Khartoum Read More

Opening Ceremony of University of Bahri’s Publication Unit

Investment Directorate, in collaboration with Libraries’ Deanship, University of Bahri, has opened the publication unit in Alkadro Complex with the presence of Prof. Ayoub Adam Mohammed Khalil, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Salim Jibreel Ahmed, Secretary of Academic Affairs, Dr. Mubarak Shareef, Director of Investment Directorate, Dr. Abdullah Adam Suliman, Dean of Libraries Deanship, and a number of faculties’ deans and centres’ directors. It is worth mentioning that the publications unit includes a thermal fingerprint machine for binding books, a coloured and black and white photocopier, a copying machine, a thermal binding machine for binding all books and files.
Prof. Ayoub thanked the Libraries’ Directorate for the great effort they made in establishing the unit. He also stressed that the unit will play a great role in developing the university and will contribute in increasing the university’s revenues. Moreover, he explained that next February will witness the inauguration of the university’s main library. He then urged faculties’ deans and centres’ directorates to flow the unit with ideas and opinions to benefit from it and rely on it in terms of the university’s publications.
In the same context, Dr. Mubarak Shareef, Director of Investment Directorate, said that the unit satisfies the service needs of both the university and the students with low fees. Furthermore, he confirmed that the Investment Directorate will work on bringing much modern machinery at the following stage so that the university reaches a productive university level.
On the other hand, Dr. Abdullah Adam Suliman, Dean of Libraries, welcomed the guests and thanked them for their attendance of the opening ceremony of the publication unit. He indicated that the unit had begun by the services’ side in addition to restoring old books. He committed to the audience that the publication house will meet all the university’s publication and printing needs.

Experts Discuss University of Bahri’s Experience in Scientific Journals

Dr.Abdulrafe’ Makhawi, Dean of Scientific Research Deanship, has confirmed the necessity of duplicating the interest in verified scientific journals and international academic publication, which contributes to raising the international rank of the university.
Makhawi, when giving a speech in the first session of scientific journals’ management, in the training hall of the deanship, said that the session falls in the domain of capacity building and research capabilities of the teaching staff in the field of scientific research, and targets about 24 lecturers coming from different faculty specialisms, which is in accordance with the deanship plan that has focused, for the last five years, on scientific and research outcomes, and international scientific publication, which contributes to raising the international rank of the university. Furthermore, hepointed to the fact that the session started as an initiative from scientific research deanship after determining its general scopes by the scientific publication council as the highest body that undertakes publication monitoring.
The dean of scientific research has also confirmed that a number of researchers from the university would take part in the session, representing editors and verified academic training sessions’ secretaries in the university, in addition to a number of lecturers and those who are concerned by the process of validating and evaluating scientific papers of the university’s journals or other journals that are issued either inside or outside the university.

Conclusion of Scientific Paper Writing Training Session – University of Bahri

The Training Department of the Scientific Research Deanship in University of Bahri organized the 7th training session of writing and publishing scientific papers. The session targeted 30 male and female lecturers of the university’s staff in order to introduce the requirements of preparing scientific papers in addition to developing skills of how to present and publish them.
Dr. Abdel Illah Kuna, the deputy vice-chancellor, praised during his speech to the trainees the efforts paid by the deanship of scientific research in serving and promoting research.
On his turn, Dr. Abdul Rafee Makhawi, dean of scientific research, thanked the attendees for the effective participation during the days of the session. Then he stressed his faculty’s intention to organize many similar sessions after moving the deanship to its new headquarters in faculties’ complex, Alkadro.
In the same context, Dr. Asia Abdullah Saeed, head of the training department of the deanship, explained that the session was delivered by several trainers from inside and outside the university, and witnessed distinctive attendance illustrated in the participation of twenty-four male and female lecturers from about 16 different colleges.

The Cultural Symposium of the 2nd Graduation Festival in Khidir Bashir Theatre

In its graduation festival’s accompanying programs, University of Bahri ran a big Cultural Symposium which was titled as (Standard and Dialectic Poetry in Sudan). Participation was shared by “ReehtAlbun” group, Poetry House, an elite of standard poetry’s poets and Abubakr Seed Ahmed, a popularly admired singer and winner of Songs Birthday Award.
On the one hand, Mr. Abu Aagla Idris, a writer and a critic who is thought to be one of the establishers of Abdullah Altayeeb’s Symposium, has brainstormed some sounds in Sudanese poetry. This symposium is a part of the big symposium run in Khidir Bashir theatre, under the motto of the 2nd Graduation Festival “Knowledge candles and development pillars” and under the auspices of His Excellence Field Marshal Omer Hassan Ahmed Albashir, the president of the Sudan. Mr. Idris has also stressed that Sudanese poets have great contributions in the society with a diversity through which many different issued can be discussed as well as spotting the light on these issues with the purpose of raising and spreading awareness in order to come to solutions that might, directly or indirectly, contribute to initiate moving forward towards civilization and promotion.
On the other hand, “Reeht Albun” group presented a big number of various poems that varied from standard to dialectic poetry. These poems appealed to the audience and met by acceptance and big interaction. In addition, Dr. Mohammed Abd Alwahid, during his poetic recite session, has presented a poem called “I don’t admire her, and my ears don’t love mentioning her” along with other poems from Poetry House presented by Mr. Abubakr Algineed Younis, Mr. Alhasan Abd Alaziz and Mr. Alwathig Mohammed Hamid.
In the same context which is full of glee, art and poetry, singer Abubakr Seed Ahmed sang national and enthusiastic songs that the audience found to be nice and reacted to them.

Cooperation Agreement between University of Bahri and Campus France

The University of Bahri has signed a cooperation agreement with Campus France Organization on scientific, humanitarian and training research under the auspices of Embassy of France in Sudan.
Michelle Roi,the cultural attaché in Sudan, when meeting the university’s vice-chancellor, confirmed that the University has a special consideration. Therefore, the representation will be providing educational scholarships including Master degrees, PhD degrees and postdoctoral studies.

University of Bahri Celebrates the Closure of East Africa University Students Training Programmes

Faculty of Veterinary at University of Bahri has celebrated, at Paradise Hotel in Khartoum, the closing ceremony of scientific training programmes for the students of East Africa University (Somalia). The delegation included nineteen male and female students of different levels. The ceremony was attended by Professor Salim Jibreel Ahmed, Secretariat of Academic Affairs and university’s representative, Professor Adel M. A. Salman, Dean of Faculty of Veterinary, Professor AlnourAbdAlrahman, Dean of Students’ Affairs, Dr Mohammed Yousuf, Director of Cultural Relations & Information, Mr Ahmed Elsheikh, representative of Somalian community in Sudan, AbdAlrasheed Abdullah Elmi, representative of East Africa University, and a number of faculty deans and heads of departments. The scientific training programme consisted of theoretical lectures and practical training in different fields of Veterinary.
Professor Salim Jibreel Ahmed, Secretariat of Academic Affairs and university’s representative, said that one of higher education institutions’ priority is cooperation with different universities in order to exchange scientific knowledge, indicating that Somalia and Sudan represent a single body, therefore the university wishes that the cooperation between both universities continues at each faculty level. He has also ensured supporting all suggestions in this term, particularly providing scholarships for Somalian students.
On the other hand, Professor Adel M. A. Salman said that the objective of these visits was to acquire more experiences and expertise as well as intellectual and knowledge cross-fertilization among students. In addition, he stressed the importance of training exchange among students at the time that Dr Mohammed Yousuf, Director of Cultural Relations & Information, welcomed the guests and appraised Faculty of Veterinary at University of Bahri for hosting Somalian students for training.
In a relevant context, AbdAlrasheed Abdullah Elmi, representative of East Africa University, said that the visit was realised by massive efforts from both universities. Moreover, he added that the current scientific training programme represents a realistic and practical interpretation to implement the agreement which is signed by both parties. He then urged the University of Bahri to provide more educational opportunities for Somalian students in the university.
In the same context, Mr Ahmed Elsheikh, representative of Somalian community in Sudan, thanked University of Bahri and explained that Sudanese nation had done whatever it takes to help the Somalian nation in international events, adding that neighbouring countries had sent Somalia many military troops whereas the Republic of Sudan had sent qualified scientific cadre. Next, he expressed his cordial desire that the close relationship and the fruitful cooperation between the two nations would continue in all aspects specially the scientific ones.
Finally, there were many programmes associating the training session illustrated in field visits to research and scientific institutions and other cultural events.