The council Endorsed and approved research proposals submitted by university academic staff

The council members are as follow:

Name:                                                            Position                                          College

Dr. Mahadi Ahmed  Haroun                      Head of the council                 Applied and industrial science          CV

Prof. Talaat Dafalla Abdel Magid             Member               Natural resource and Environmental studies      CV

Dr. Faiz Omer Mohamed Jamie               Member                    Centre for peace and development                   CV

Dr. Hafiz  Abdalla Mohammed                 Member                    Animal production                                              CV

Dr. Elhadi Adam Omer                               Member            Natural resource and Environmental studies        CV

Austaz. Shehab Ali Yousif                         Rapporteur          Public  and Environmental Health                       CV

Dr. Ali Elnaeim Musa Ali                           Member            Applied and industrial science                                 CV

Dr. Abdelrafie Mohamed Makhawi          Member            Applied and industrial science                                  CV

Prof. Hisham Mohyeldin Mohamed Tahir   Member        Natural resource and Environmental studies            CV