The Directorate is seeking to be a pioneer of excellence in the field of quality, planning & performance development in higher education.

Strategy and means

To achieve its goals and carry out its mission the Directorate base its strategy on quality assurance and continues improvement of the performance at all levels and in all activities, in conformity with the general strategy of the university and smart relationships with the concern bodies inside and outside the

Goals and Objectives

The directorate seeks to achieve the following goals: Laying down general policies, preparing programs & special procedures regarding quality, planning and performance development at all levels of the university, and supervising its implementation, through periodic evaluation and development. To achieve such goals the directorate shall: 1. Raise the awareness of the importance

Historical Overview

Under historical and exceptional circumstances, the University of Bahri was established in 2011, where Sudan witnessed radical transformation in its political, social and economic construction due to the secession of South Sudan. This led to the return of the former national universities to its original headquarters in the newly-born country.


The Directorate is dedicated first & foremost to provide highest quality & most distinctive programs & activities in the field of quality and planning & performance development.