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A report on a visit to Box Hill, Melbourne-Australia


The Australian-Sudanese Business council has invited Dr. Awatif Abd Alateef, as a representative of university of Bahri, to visit Melbourne City, discussing mutual cooperation among the university, the business council and university of Box Hill.

The council, represented in Mr. Abd Alraheem Mohammed Bakheit and the general manager; George Kabingali have covered all the travel expenses, including the return ticket, the stay in the hotel, transportation and meals. The council has discussed the details of the application form, presented by the University of Bahri to become a member at the council, and act as a representative of the educational institutions.

The council has also arranged for a meeting with Dr. Suzan Maastricht, the general manager for the international programmes Delivery and Major Projects, James Stafford; Manager-International Business Development.

Dr. Awatif has presented a historical background on the establishment of University of Bahri, its vision, mission, objectives and administrative structure. She has said that university is still at the stage of building and training human resources, beside the promotion of its infrastuctures.

Box Hill University designs training programmes according to the need of universities and institutions, in addition to the cooperation made in training students, lecturers and students exchange and designing an educational English progrramme for the teaching staff members.

The general manager has decided that cooperation will be launched with a visit to the University of Bahri, will be made by Mr. James and to carry out all the necessary procedures in signing the cooperation agreement.



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