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Quality and Evaluation Department

It is the body tasked with assisting the University , its various colleges and departments in planning and implementing self- assessment processes of their performance and endeavoring to upgrade it , for the purpose of helping them reach the aspired standards of quality , quality assurance and reinforcement .
This Department comprises two units :
1. Quality Unit
2. Evaluation Unit
Vision of Quality and Evaluation Department :
To be a pioneer for excellence in the field of higher educational quality , and evaluation .
Mission of Quality and Evaluation Department :
This Section seeks to assure quality of performance at the University, its various colleges and departments through entrenching the principles and culture of evaluation and quality , in addition to shouldering the responsibility for developing techniques, and mechanisms for continuous performance evaluation .
Objectives of Quality and Evaluation Department:
1. Dissemination of culture of quality and evaluation
2. Building human and institutional capacity in the domains of quality and evaluation.
3. Setting forth various systems , standards, specifications and models for assurance of performance quality .
4. Identification of mechanisms , procedures, and techniques used for academic and administrative performance evaluation .
5. Technical supervision of evaluation units at various colleges and departments for the purpose of improvement in accordance with standards of quality .
6. Supervision of processes, and procedures of institutional and program evaluation .
7. Reinforcing processes of improvement , and promotion in the light of evaluation results .
8. Preparation for external institutional, and program evaluation and accreditation.
Tasks and duties:
Section works to perform the following tasks and duties:
1. policies, plans and public strategies set up to evaluate the performance and quality assurance at the university.
2. Put the appropriate mechanisms and means to disseminate the quality and culture of the university calendar.
3. Follow-up business units in calendar colleges and various centers and departments.
4. Follow-up evaluation of programs and courses in the faculties of the university procedures.
5. building and development of human capacities in quality and Calendar using the appropriate mechanisms and means to ensure the good areas in the Calendar application systems and quality assurance practices.
6. Work on the design and development of manuals and procedures Mrashid the university and its operations to ensure the quality and continuous improvement to her, and various mechanisms to link units of the University administrative and academic mission.
7. Work on the design and development of models of criteria and indicators and benchmarks and standards used to evaluate the tasks and activities and processes and procedures of the university.
8. encourage and help colleges and various university departments to conduct self-evaluation studies and analysis of operations and then make proposals for improvement and development.
9. Preparation and save reports on the administrative and academic performance of the university and its colleges and various departments include data on performance indicators and benchmarks that show performance trends and changes in the internal environment of the University.
10. Provide information and sources of knowledge on the calendar and the development of quality and performance.
11. Any other functions assigned to the section in their respective fields.

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