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Strategy and means

To achieve its goals and carry out its mission the Directorate base its strategy on quality assurance and continues improvement of the performance at all levels and in all activities, in conformity with the general strategy of the university and smart relationships with the concern bodies inside and outside the university through:

1. Pave the way by disseminate the culture of quality planning, evaluation and performance development. And to enhance this culture in order to change the attitudes of all employees towards it.
2. Establish smart and effective relations and partnerships with all relevant organizations, stakeholder and beneficiaries at national, regional and international levels.
3. Build and develop research systems to identify the interests of the beneficiaries and stakeholders, and their satisfaction with the university outputs, and to explore their views, and plead with it and expect of it.
4. Contribute in laying down the strategic plan and different operational plans for the university and its constituent through scientific methods in planning.
5. Prepare and develop capacity building programs for the university, higher education institutions and other sectors of the community.
6. To make known all of good practices and creative activities in all aspects of work in the university.

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