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Historical Overview

Under historical and exceptional circumstances, the University of Bahri was established in 2011, where Sudan witnessed radical transformation in its political, social and economic construction due to the secession of South Sudan. This led to the return of the former national universities to its original headquarters in the newly-born country. In response to these consequences, the establishment of the university was meant to help resettling Northern students and employees at these universities, in addition to contribution in building up an enlightened community and availing alternative admission opportunities to Sudanese secondary certificate students. This has also led to new challenges represented in handling the situation of students, university professors and employees from different universities, and providing qualitative and unique academic and research programs to help the community, and having the ability to compete locally and internationally. It also aims to facing and overcoming current challenges smoothly.
Therefore, the university established the directorate of quality and development in august 2011 to ensure the realization of quality concepts in all its programs, activities and tasks (academic, administrative and financial).

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