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Goals and Objectives

The directorate seeks to achieve the following goals:

Laying down general policies, preparing programs & special procedures regarding quality, planning and performance development at all levels of the university, and supervising its implementation, through periodic evaluation and development. To achieve such goals the directorate shall:

1. Raise the awareness of the importance of quality and planning, performance and career development.
2. Contributing to the designing, executing and evaluating  of the strategic plan of the university.
3. Establishing quality and self- evaluation systems that in conformity with the nature of the university and its functions, and preparing the university for external evaluation and institutional and programs accreditation.
4. Participating in developing an effective information systems for all the activities & programs of the university and continually promote such systems.
5. Implementing human and institutional capacity building strategies to build and promote the capacity and skills of human resources in order to enhance professionalism at work.


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