University of Bahri’s Vice-Chancellor Meets the Cooperation Consultant of the French Embassy

The Open Cultural Day of the 2ndGraduation Carnival in Shambat Cultural and Social Organization (Alneemah)

The Cultural Symposium of the 2nd Graduation Festival in Khidir Bashir Theatre

Honouring Police Major General Sameer Dahab at Graduate Cup Tournament of University of Bahri

Experts Discuss University of Bahri’s Experience in Scientific Journals

Cooperation Agreement between University of Bahri and Campus France

Graduation of the First Patch of University of Bahri’s Kindergarten Kids

University of Bahri Celebrates the Closure of East Africa University Students Training Programmes

A Delegation of the University Visits Khartoum State Legislative Council

Activation of a Cooperation Agreement between the University of Bahri and University of Dar es Salaam Gontor Indonesia

A Collaboration Agreement between the University of Bahri and Agricultural Research Centre