College Events

The course of the scientific and cultural universities sports sixth 2018 Khartoum sector (a)

The 6th sport , cultural inter universities tournament.  The scientific cultural & sport  tournament started  on Feb 10th 2018 at the national university. The student  ( Zekra Algezole Mustafa )of the college of management sciences participates  by a research title:

League of Colleges (Dean’s Cup)

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Training workshop to describe the curriculum

A Training work shop on curriculum &courses descriptions. The college of management sciences & the college of agriculture in collaboration with quality management organized a training work shop about curriculum description on Thursday 25.1.018 at Kodro campus. The work shop

The Student Blood Bank initiative

Students Blood Bank Initiative Under The Slogan ( Thanks Huda )The Blood Donation campaign began on Tuesday 21/11/2017 at 12 Am it included (Lectures, Comedy Songs ) the Initiative Members Well come the presents , D.Hanan    Mohamed addressed  the audience

Cultural Day

College of Management Sciences Cultural Day 2017

College of Management  Sciences Cultural Day 2017 College of Administrative Sciences in cooperation with the Deanship of Students Affairs organized its annual cultural day held at the eastern activity area with the slogan: (who, beside us would light the way, I’m

Congratulatory message

Congratulatory message

Congratulatory message : The entire staff of the College of Management Sciences and the students of Business Administration Department wish to congratulate Dr. Mohamed Tag Aldean Saad Karoum for the award of PhD degree in Business Administration from Omdurman Islamic University

Orientation Programme for the First Batch of Master's Degree students

Orientation Programme for the First Batch of Master’s Degree students

The College of Management Sciences organized the first brainstorming session for the first batch of Master’s degree students in Accounting & Finance; and Business Administration on 08-04-2017. The session commenced with a speech by the Dean of the College, Dr. Elshami

College team

College team tops the first group

In the fourth round of University’s tournament and in the match held on 15-04-2017, the team of College of Management Sciences became in the lead of the first group with a credit of 9 points after defeating the team of

University tournament

College team wins University tournament

The College of Management Sciences celebrated with joy and happiness as their team won the University of Bahri tournament. The match was between the College team and the team of College of Agriculture. The match was held on the Northern

training session

The training session for the valuation of academic achievements to academic staff

The College of Education, Department of Educational Psychology at University of Bahri, in cooperation with the College of Management Sciences, organized the second training course for academic achievement building for the academic staff during the period between 26-02 and 01-03-2017 in

Field Trip

The 4th year Department of Accounting & Finance Students’ Field Trip to Port Sudan

The College Management Sciences organized a field trip for the 4th year students Department of Accounting & Finance to the city of Port Sudan in the Red Sea State on 04-02-2017. The trip came within the framework of the universities

Pictures from the Cultural Day 2016

College of Management Sciences Cultural Day 2016

The College of Management Sciences celebrated its cultural day on 27-10-2016 under the slogan: “We shall harness the Dollar despite the sanctions, we ponder over our decision, manager and accountant for pride” The celebration was attended by the Dr. Abdel Ilah

a cultural day

Department of Public Administration holds a Cultural Day

Members of the Department of Public Administration organized a cultural carnival to honor the academic staff of the department for their significant loyalty. The honored staff included Dr. Abbakar Omer Abbakar and some of the academic staff from the Sudan

College of Management Sciences organizes its cultural day; under the slogan “My university, my responsibility”

The College of Management Sciences organized its cultural day at the Colleges’ campus in Al-Kadaro, on the 9th, November. The occasion was supervised by the Deputy Vice- Chancellor Dr. Abdal Ilah Kunna, also present were the Dean of the College