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forum of Deans and Librarians of Sudanese Academic Libraries

On 7/5/2016, at 9 o’clock at Meeting Hall, Vice chancellor’s Office- University of AlNeelain

According to the direction of the Vice chancellor of University of Bahri and invitation from the Secretary General of the Association of Sudanese Universities on behalf of Sudanese Academic Libraries Consortium. The Dean, Deanship of Libraries has participated in a brain storming forum held on date and location above mentioned with the following Agenda:

  • Documentary film of The Consortium and its activities.
  • KOHA system.
  • Digital Repositories Management System (D-space).
  • Briefing about the available database in EIFL.
  • KOHA application experience in University of AlNeelain (scientific paper).

It is worth-mentioning that the forum has enabled the participants to acquire knowledge about KOHA system (the latest developments), advantages of the electronic integrated systems, and general features of KOHA System.

A constructive speech was delivered by a technical well versed team coupled with, viewing the experience of University of AlNeelain in KOHA application (constructing of catalog / index, steps, constraints and recommendations).

Moreover, viewing the electronic sources of information online (effect of information and communication on the different walks of life), the basic sources of electronic information, and their editors, advantages of online information and their importance that cannot be undermined in the scientific research.

Furthermore, fortified with, how to participate in the online sources (Basic data, electronic periodicals)? And the relationship between the Sudanese Academic Libraries Consortium, EIFL and the sources of information produced by the producers, followed by figuring out the basic data available online, search and citation.

However, the forum stressed that users have no interest to spend time looking for information in traditional libraries. Therefore, they have to be served where they are. At that, Digital Repositories Management System is the way out which is the choice of days to come.

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